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    1. Indoor Beach-Themed Wreath - Sea Shell Wreath

      Phalaris grass, preserved boxwood and salal leaf, silver king artemisia along with starfish and seashells complete this wreath and make it a lovely nautical accent to any home. Indoor use only. You can buy the Sea Shell Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/sea-shell-wreath

    2. Beautiful Red Birds and Berries Door Wreath

      This wreath is a fine example of simplicity at it finest. The feel is one of fresh snowfall and winter birds happily perched. This wreath has a twig base with caspia flower and red berry and vine accents along with preserved green boxwood. You can buy the Red Birds and Berries Door Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/red-birds-and-berries

    3. Festive Fourth of July Wreath - Hydrangea Red, White and Blue Wreath

      This bright and festive wreath is a fun addition to any home décor. This wreath can be used as a Christmas holiday wreath or a Fourth of July mid summer wreath! Why not leave it up all year round? You can buy the Hydrangea Red, White and Blue Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/hydrangea-christmas-wreath

    4. Unique Beach-Themed Wreath - Seaside Memories

      This wreath reminds one of lazy days at the beach. Components are, wild mustard grass, beargrass, canary grass, blue larkspur, ammobium daisy, avena wheat, starfish and seashells. You can buy the Seaside Memories wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/seaside-memories

    5. Classic Spring Wreath - Butterfly and Boxwood Wreath

      Usher in spring with this delightful array of preserved basil boxwood, light blue larkspur, yellow tansy, pink globe amaranth flower, beargrass, and white sinuate status, topped off with fluttering butterflies. For indoor use only. You can buy the Butterfly and Boxwood Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/butterfly-and-boxwood-wreath

    6. Beautiful Indoor Wreath - Katy’s Garden Wreath

      Take a walk in the garden and pick some flowers. That is the feeling you get from this wreath. Preserved boxwood, lavender nigela pods silver king Artemisia, pink globe amaranth, paper roses and huckleberry twigs. Indoor use only. You can buy Katy’s Garden Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/katys-garden-wreath

    7. Long-Lasting Door Wreath - Burgundy Fruit Wreath

      You will have all your friends asking “Where did you get that beautiful wreath”? This wreath is make of preserved burgundy and green salal so it will last a lifetime. It is adorned with an assortment of lifelike fruit as well as spray millet and nigella pods. You can buy the Burgundy Fruit Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/burgundy-fruit-wreath

    8. Gorgeous Indoor Summer Skies Wreath with Blue Accents

      This bold and beautiful wreath is made up of preserved boxwood, beargrass, white and blue larkspur, phalaris grass, and paper hydrangea, all on a base of huckleberry twigs. Indoor use only. You can buy the Summer Skies Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/summer-skies-wreath

    9. Perfect Gift - Rosebud Heart Wreath

      This carefully handcrafted heart measures approx 7” from top to bottom. The buton rosebuds are mixed with burgundy celocia coxcomb, and edged with pink globe amaranth and back with a potpourri of larkspur and globe. Great for year round or for a gift for someone you love. You can buy the Rosebud Heart Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/rosebud-heart

    10. Gorgeous Year Round Wreath - Burgundy Rosehip and Hydrangea Wreath

      This gorgeous wreath will last forever. It is not only an elegant Christmas wreath, but it is a lovely year round decoration for almost any room. It is made up of tapestry millet, nigella pods, life like faux rosehips and paper hydrangea all on a base of burgundy and basil green lemon leaf. You can buy the Burgundy Rosehip and Hydrangea Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop ...

    11. Natural Home Decoration - Door Wreath - Red Twig Dogwood Wreath

      The natural organic woodsy wreath is an elegant touch to any room. The Red Twig Dogwood wreath is a great choice for any room. You can buy the Red Twig Dogwood Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/red-twig-dogwood-wreath

    12. Bright and Colorful Indoor Wreath - Midsummer’s Dream Wreath

      Bright and cheery is the best way to describe this happy wreath. White paper hydrangea, red blooms broom, yellow tansy, fragrant lavender and paper roses sit on a bed of lemon leaf and huckleberry twigs. For indoor use only. You can buy the Midsummer’s Dream Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/midsummers-dream-wreath

    13. Gorgeous Boxwood Wreath - Boxwood Caspia Wreath

      This thick and lush wreath is made of preserved basil green boxwood mixed with white larkspur and tapestry millet it has a natural and monochromatic feel and can be easily add variety to any room. You can buy the Boxwood Caspia Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/boxwood-caspia-wreath

    14. Beautiful Indoor Wreath Decoration - Provence Square Wreath

      This is a 24" square wreath with lemon leaf, huckleberry twigs, and wild mustard grass, orange saffron, pepper berries, larkspur, globe amaranth flower, air dried hydrangea, and paper roses. A breathtaking way to display the colors of spring and summer all year long. For indoor use only. You can buy the Provence Square Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths ...

    15. Beautiful, Scented Bouquet of Lavender - 2 Lavender Bundles

      These lavender bundles will delight your senses and revive your spirits. The aromatic sent is calming and relaxing. These bundles will look great almost anywhere you put them in your home. You will receive two lavender bundles in this lovely set. http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/lavender-bundles

    16. Spring Decoration Door Wreath - Oval Bird Wreath

      Spring is just around the corner and this wreath is an ever-present reminder. This grapevine oval wreath is adorned with preserved basil boxwood, blue larkspur, Santa Cruz oregano and lifelike birds with nest. http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/oval-bird-wreath

    17. Handsome Indoor Wreath - Cool Green Square Wreath

      One of our company favorites. This handsome wreath has just the right texture and subtle color to go in almost any room. It is a large square that measures approx. 24” on each side. Its components are eucalyptus, tapestry millet, beargrass, and lemon leaf. For indoor use only. You can buy the Cool Green Square Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/cool-green ...

    18. Colorful and Classic Indoor Wreath - Farmhouse Wreath

      If color is what you love then you’ve got it in this wreath. Abundant swirls of larkspur adorn this wreath. Preserved boxwood and huckleberry twigs finish off the look. Indoor use only. You can buy the Farmhouse Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/farmhouse-wreath

    19. Beautiful Indoor Year-Round Wreath - Hydrangea Wreath

      A breathtaking display of color explodes on this hydrangea wreath. Everyone loves hydrangea and it is a year round favorite. This wreath will brighten any room in your house. The lifelike paper hydrangea, natural lemon leaf and mountain fern all sit on a base of huckleberry twigs. For indoor use only. You can buy the Hydrangea Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round ...

    20. Natural Rustic-Style Wreath - Red Huckleberry Twig Wreath

      This gorgeous wreath is made of natural huckleberry twigs and is rustic yet elegant. It's lovely reddish rust color would add a natural touch to any room. You can buy the Red Huckleberry Twig Wreath at: http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/year-round-wreaths/red-huckleberry-twig-wreath